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We provide exclusively tailored scent workshops and events for companies and organizations. Whether it is a gala event for your VIP customers, a company team building, or marketing activity, we can bring you and your customers brand new experience about scents.


With a wide range of topics relating to scent activities and a deep experience working with organizations under different demands, we can help you design a delightful and attractive scent module at a tailored budget.

Team building workshops

  • Connect people in your companies in a new way through “scent-talks
  • Can be anywhere, anytime suitable for your conditions
  • Can be in a small scale or large scale at an adjustable setting

Brand activation activities

  • Get bored with all the mediocre marketing activities? Bringing scent experience is a new way to creatively engage your audience.

In-house training

  • If you are a perfume distributor and want to have an orientation/ fragrance training for your staff, let us support you with that.

Fragrance event Collaborations

Bring the olfactory experience to events aiming at fully unlocking the five senses of humans. Scent the world to Sense the world.

Scent and Mental Health Workshop with AETNA VIETNAM

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No. 10 Street 49B Thao Dien District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Tel: +84 36 404 2344
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