Our Scent Story

The NOTE is initiated by Rei Nguyen – a Vietnamese Perfume Artist.

Born in Saigon, Vietnam, yet Rei fell in love with Koudou (香道 – The Japanese art of incense) and made her way to find the true art of Oriental scents in Japan, where she studied perfume design and aromatherapy. Along with the perfume journey, Rei and her team conduct a series of fragrance workshops in Japan and Vietnam, sharing their passion for scents with the community.

The world of scents, just like music or any other form of living art, is composed of tiniest NOTES. Those are the NOTES that construct and complete our lives.

At The NOTE, you find the joy of smelling, and of creating your bespoke scents. We aim to spread the love of olfactory art and inspire everyone to treasure their noses.

Here, we bring you a wide range of scent-related topics:

  • Perfume workshops: solid perfume, oil perfume, spray perfume, perfumed candles, reed diffusers…
  • Aromatherapy workshops: scented oil, aroma-blending, bath-salts,  aroma spray
  • Others: hand creams, bath-bombs, lip-balms…

Our workshop participants come from a diverse background regardless of their age or nationality. They all share one thing in common: the curiosity to explore the secrets of the nose.

Let us be your guide to discover the world of scents.

The NOTE Team

Rei Nguyen’s Blog: https://reinguyen.com
Note – The Scent Lab Official Website: https://thescentnote.com